Retractable & Removable Seating

By combining the retractable platforms with removable auditorium seating solutions, venues become significantly more versatile and flexible to accommodate different types of events.  

Theater Seating

The best cities around the world have best venues for people to gather to enjoy concerts, plays, musicals and other cultural and artistic performances  

We are a proud co-creator of best seating experiences. 

Cinema Seating

Cinemas bring together friends and family and continues to be one of the best forms of entertainment.  As the industry evolves to meet the needs of the consumer, cinema seats are also rapidly changing to meet the consumer in the next generation. 

Lecture Theater & Conference Seating

Learning and educational venues have to balance between the technological needs and design.  Our seating products are designed to provide comfort for extended period of time to optimize for the attendees' attention and comfort.

Bench Seating

Combining retractable platforms with benches provide aflexible solution for venue managers.  From schools to gyms to corporate halls, bench seating is a popular alternative to individual seats.

Sports / Stadium / Spectator Seating

Spectators share the thrills and excitement on our sports and spectator seating solutions.  Sports events brings unique challenges for venue owners and seating providers must be durable and meet tough weather conditions.